I believe travel 

Right = for everyone just like freedom 

Necessary = for everyone just like food and water 

Knowledge = for everyone just like education 

Manners = for everyone just like behaving 

Healer = for everyone just like treatment

I believe we can help our world to be more peaceful  by being travelers making people more loving for whole world 

My plan to go to live in Italy 1 year and 1 year in turkey too 6 month in France and Spain  for India and Russia and Australia 3 month , going to Africa to participate in Building Village , I would love to travel inside my soul discovering more of My skills my abilities learning different knowledge 

for me i believe travel and learning walking side by side you can not say you travel or you learn till you do both you are not really educated till travel and you are not traveler without educate yourself with different knowledge and skills   

my plan to travel : spiritually and physically  


Please Visit my Insatgram : https://www.instagram.com/v.i.tourist/

Please email me:   veryimportanttraveler@gmail.com


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