Hawaii zip lining 

Zip lining in Hawaii.. zipline and aerial advanture parks what i liked about this one there is different high areas best to book through groups for one person 103$ including the tools you will need while doing zip lining it will take two hours and it’s seven areas the highest one 7 feet 900 feet long including fees

What include what is not it depends on each groups for example groups will be the transportation from and to hotel included others not most of groups the food not included 
When you just go there they will explain to you the instructions you need for your safety there is moving bridges between trees for fun and hou can book via network copy your ticket show them the papers the orginal tickets not necessarily 
If you want to cancel your reservation you have to cancel before 7 days you will be able to return back your money if you cancelled before 2 days you will lose your money 
For 5 years old they have special advanture for them there is mini parks for them suitable for their age and depends on weight 
19kg -122 kg the wight accepted if you have pain in your back and neck not suitable for you 
 Must get their begire half hours of the time 
It’s opening except Sundays The time of go to the advanture is different but for me i would recommend to go in time before sunset so you can enjoy will doing zip lining with sunset view and at night you can’t see things 
This place in maui camp haico city close to northern shore of maui 


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