Where and when ?!

Where is this place ?! 

It’s in USA , Florida state it’s island with walls fort jefferson castle made of 16 million blocks they started this project still not finished 

This picture for japan but when which time of the year?! 

This picture taken in Tokyo the best time of the year to visit japan from march to may enjoy spring the weather and flowers blossom every where your breath taking away 

Where is this ? What is this ?! 

This is temple of hathor in Egypt in dendera Qena city what beautiful Architecture so much details , they used to open the high floor but they closed it on 2004 because lot of people they don’t watch their steps

Where is this place do you think?! 

It’s in Arabic country! It’s in Lebanon 

It’s called the 3 bridges caves there is water fall they think it’s one of oldest water fall in the world the water getting older it’s more better sure not the one in the bottle because there is some chemical addition this water it said 160 million years it’s in small village called balaa it is breathtaking you can see it from different angles you can take your lunch or breakfast there or making BBQ watch out when you want to go their by yourself the gps propably will not work at that area you have to ask people who lived in the village better to go with group 

Where you can find chocolate cafe contain 56 types of chocolate?! 

100% Chocolate cafe in japan in Tokyo in front of Tokyo square part of nihonbashi factory there is long line waiting for nice chocolate cup of coffee or chocolate food i is opening from 8 till 20 except Sunday and Saturday in weekend opening from 11-19 last order 19:39 


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