What is the story behind this picture?!

This picture in Russia close to capital of Russia 500 km you can reach by train or by car 

These buildings actually temples of different religions for many of them most famous ones Christian church Muslims musque jewish temple and others religions from different world like china it’s surrounded by these words peace freedom brotherhood Solidarity .. and they didn’t made for practice prayers it’s only icon 

why this building built ? 

There is a man dreamt dream about Christ asking him to build a temple united all the religions he woke up on 6 clock snd start building the Christ project that’s was on 1992 and then lot of volunteers participating with him make it real and they where so devoted to it they even were sleep next to it to woke up early and most of time working on it and they thinking to add more temples of other religions to it who built this project or let’s say who had the dream died on 2012 
It’s on my bucket list what about you ?!


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