own a house in a cruise 

We all know it’s nice experience and fun traveling via cruise but there is people not only enjoying this experience once or twice in their lifetime some people own houses on these cruises they consider it as their vacation house there is a cruise called the world it’s consider is the biggest cruise around the world biggest depends on the area and the quantity of countries visit every year 

House is not less than 300,000 sequers meter ,, this is the smallest space .. they sell studios this is the cheapest cost almost 1066610$

If you going to live their daily it’s not expensive if you want to live every day in different country but there is fees for maintenance taxes prices will be included almost 1333263$ 

This cruise just like other cruise and you can but your house for a rent but i think it’s not allowed for more than  6 days 

There is a family they bought a house in the cruise for 6 years then they sold it , they said they returned same a mount they paid for it when they bought it in first time , most of who bought houses there they only stayed for 3 months -6 months 

Because there is people they live in it there is courses lectures not only entertainment activities 

Who wants to buy houses there or thinking about or need more information about it check this site 

House on the world
here where you can live your life on sea by being owners to your house on ship and wake up every day with special views to own you need not less than 1m$ check the link


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