How to stay in cheaper way in santorini

Who go to Greece and not stay in santorini! But it’s too expensive for families ,,, that’s when i was looking for good place to stay in because the hotels will be too expensive for My Dad to pay for it i start to research for good deals that’s what i found it’s good one for big families or groups 

I found this vila in section vacation rental it called #ramnihouse so close to oia only one minute because this is where we want to stay we don’t want other villages it’s our dream includes 3 studios local decorations, every studio has special kitchen with full equipment and restroom the view on the sea has private besch with setting area and by the way every section has its private entrence and has special parking too for kids up to 6 years old for free older than that 15€ per child per night minimum days to stay in 3 days has room service too 

Oh i forgot the name of this villa “Ramni house” this is website Ramni Santorini I choose this villa because it’s reasonable price and Good Rate also so close to oia 


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