Cappadocia Ballon Co.

My tour in cappadocia for riding the ballon was with cappadocia air ballon company it was amazing experience very organized tour and funny on time too take us so high more than what the cost we suppose to fly in and time too they came with van from hotel at 4 am to the office we drank tea coffee and some biscuits there for free we signed ourselves in computer  they gave us stickers with colors depending on your reservation type i choose middle not the expensive one not cheapest one too and then just few minutes they called us by colors i remember my color was orange we ride the van took us to the place where preparing the ballon we jumped in took photos for each one by photographer then we fly i don’t know what exsct words discripe this moment up in the sky it’s feeling of peace it’s like home you feel positive energy you automatically be in meditation unconsciously since i go back to earth i had this feeling that’s i want to go back in they sky it’s my place Who were with me from canada they said we ride balloons before we saw much valley from above but this is most beautiful seen we ever saw 

Then we landed sure they told us landing instructions we land perfectly on the truck so good 😊 then we stayed in the basket the truck took us to where cars waiting for us we celebrated there sure gaive us our photos but too expensive i forgot the price it’s equal or not less than 10$ 

sure i recommend to go with them 


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