Camping with fireflies 


this picture taking from #nationalpark in #USAThe male flies attract the female flies with light come out of their bodies light get stronger become more attractive to females but they need darkness so much darkness in order to start their light and come together this usually start at 9:30 -10 pm waves of moving lights so beautiful for this come 6000-8000 person every year this only starts for two weeks in last spring 6 months advance booking by lottery you get your park

Reservation lottery

 lot bring blankets chairs not allowed to bring cooler or foods in this area if you need beverages or foods you can take from stores in the park also there is special places for BBQ there the guides will answer your questions they will give you cellophane to cover the object of light you have in order to bring more flies because if there is light even moon light will distract also low temperatures under 10 will do too best if you choose open area not too much big trees so flies can see each other 

Every year in mid to end of April the park determines the peak and best time depends on many factors then announce the date on the website 
Check here
The best place to be to see this in Elkmont section in the Great Smoky Mountains national park South Carolina teneesi also this light flies in jungles of Malaysia Thailand and Philippine but in national park its the best because the flies flying in other countries stick to the trees for me i think it’s better too because it’s so organized  

National park website
For campaign reservation click here

Camping reservation  

More activities reservation
There is lot activities such as 

Kayak bicycles hiking also kids activities ride horses to explore the area

Also it divided to areas for sleep houses most booked by hiking because only way to get there by hiking with vehicles or camping by tent places 

More activities for kids too 


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