Cappdocia Turkey

​Cappadocia is city in turkey it’s so magical city so calm old people with sheep with their old women wives and young men working in hotels these hotels is not owned by big companies it’s owned by these villagers they own these caves for generations and some of them moved to next city i was there it’s place must to visit must every one has it in their bucket list 

You sleep in cave although high heat but inside cave nice no heat not cold yet there is air conditioning but trust me you not gonna need it by the way these caves no one know how old they are they sure more than 2000 years it’s so nice to sleep in place so old 

Simple nice furniture our room with jacozey you go to the center of the city by walking dawn of the mountain only one road with restaurants on each side simple restaurants nothing fancy and in the night it’s another magical story i couldn’t see pictures discripe they beatuy of cappadocia it’s so cold during night or maybe because i am desert girl i felt so cold Ooh i wish to go back again it’s not enough To visit once 

The only problem that you really going to lost in their roads inside the mountain it’s so easy to get lost there is no much sign or marks 

In cappadocia there is city under the ground with floors but it’s only open till 8th floor it’s so narrow i mean the roads inside if you are not ok with closed tight places like me you probably reach only fourth floor i get back i could not keep going i am not fat so skinny but still so tight if you are overweight maybe you will face problem you might consider looking to video before going there 
Other activities you can try there ride ballon people who tried it before im other countries they said it’s the most beautiful view we saw through ballon air .. you will wake up at 4 am there is bus will take you or by car to the office you can go by walking too in the office you will sign your name the company you will ride with your age there is free coffe and cookies they will give you color sticker my color was orange depends on your company you booked with then the mini bus will come they will call by colors or company name you will ride with others unless you booked full air ballon for you they will take you to area where the ballon is with many other balloons so beautiful many balloons flight all at once trying to get sky before sunrise you watch sunrise while you in balloon air on the high sky then you will go dawn you must sit will ballon go dawn the beautiful thing the balloon will sit exactly on the truck you then you will celebrate with others with grape juice and maybe you will buy your picture i remember was 10$ maybe then will take you to the office then to your hotel so special experience for me it was first time sure i will do it again the ballon was going so up high the earth was not clear 700 meters i guess also depends on the air can take more or less time our time was 20 minutes and also depends on your booking type i choose middle one 90$ beautiful first was reasonable price i don’t want to go cheaper for safety things and experience also not expensive second i want more people but not too much people because it was my first time i was scared and i saw canadiense couple they booked this one and i saw how much do their plan and read about it so i decided to go with them we were 2 couples canadian 4 korian friends me 1 Saudi and indian family 3 mom dad and their son the other side i don’t remember because the basket divided to 5 area for pilot and his assistant in one and we are divided to two area in the left on the right dived to two think i should not explain more to not spoiled the moment of you nice to have some surprises 

Also there is the open museum it’s free the hotel can take you there also there was church very old church in middle of forest in cave beside river we went there walking a long the river also we went to place i forgot the name but it’s place for religious learning and praying with church over mountain going their not easy you need special shoes and watch your steps 

This dishe in the picture you will see a lot in istanbul but it’s traditional dishe of cappadocia so wait till try it there by the way the cappadocian better food than istanbul you can try the cappadocian hammam traditional spa also there is cappadocian restaurant inside cave called ömürcafe omurca art cave cafe

I went there in 2015 while cappadocia simple but they were working on it to make it destination for tourist i think better to see it on its original way before being a copy of the original 


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