Hawaii zip lining 

Zip lining in Hawaii.. zipline and aerial advanture parks what i liked about this one there is different high areas best to book through groups for one person 103$ including the tools you will need while doing zip lining it will take two hours and it’s seven areas the highest one 7 feet 900 feet long including fees

What include what is not it depends on each groups for example groups will be the transportation from and to hotel included others not most of groups the food not included 
When you just go there they will explain to you the instructions you need for your safety there is moving bridges between trees for fun and hou can book via network copy your ticket show them the papers the orginal tickets not necessarily 
If you want to cancel your reservation you have to cancel before 7 days you will be able to return back your money if you cancelled before 2 days you will lose your money 
For 5 years old they have special advanture for them there is mini parks for them suitable for their age and depends on weight 
19kg -122 kg the wight accepted if you have pain in your back and neck not suitable for you 
 Must get their begire half hours of the time 
It’s opening except Sundays The time of go to the advanture is different but for me i would recommend to go in time before sunset so you can enjoy will doing zip lining with sunset view and at night you can’t see things 
This place in maui camp haico city close to northern shore of maui 

Smallest city in the world 


#inthemiddleofnowhere #city hum smallest city in the world it’s a village simple and there is around 27 person only 😀and you can go where most people they don’t even think about it relaxing not crowded you can try konoba it is family restaurant it’s Croatian food

And avoid this town in November because everything closed even church and maybe at October 

It’s smallest country in the world so there is no much to see it’s quite place for who want to be a way from the world if you like crowded place and activities hum is not for you at all you can go by bus from zagreb 3 hours and 41 minutes (4 bus at a day only ) then from hum u lstri station to pazin station 21 minutes every 3 hours it will cost you for train And bus around 27$ or you can rent a car For tow hours 23 minutes​

#hotels you can stay at apartments and rooms nela for 42 one night one person this is the average and there is only 4 places to stay in beautifuldistraction ​

#inthemiddleofnowhere #city hum 

مدينة في كرواتيا تعتبر الاصغر في العالم طابعها قروي بسيط تناسبك اذا انت ماتحب النشاطات او حاب تنقطع بمكان هادئ بسيط بعيد عن الكل وماتحب الاماكن السياحيه و المناطق الحديثه 

المدينه جدا صغيره فيها ٢٧ شخص فقط تتخيلون انكم عايشين بس مع هالعدد فقط من الاشخاص جيرانكم وفيها مطعم عائلي 

اسمه konoba ‎ ومومناسب زيارتها في نوفمبر او اكتوبر لان كل الاماكن مسكره وتناسب المدينه عموما كمرور فقط تريح تتغدى وتكمل طريقك الا اذا حبيت تجلس فيها يومين تصفي ذهنك ‎ تقدر تروح لها بالسياره وتكلفة ١٢٠ ريال ولساعتين ونص تقريبا او بالباص مع قطار ويكلفك حوالي ٩٩ ريال من zagreb ثلاث ساعات و ٤١ دقيقه ‎ (ورحلاتهم لها اربع باصات فقط باليوم ) ومن محطك hum u lstri station ‎الى pazin station ‎وبتاخذ منك ثلاث ساعات و٢١ دقيقه تقريبا 

Do you like exploring Caves? I do

“I do ” i said it for a cave wow 😂 i never said the word for anyone only for a cave i just realized that 


largest cave in the world largest-forest under ground located in Vietnam son trach bo trach dist. Quang binh province , it has its won jungle ​&waterfalls 

more than 200 meters wide, 150 meters high, and approximately 9 kilometers​ .​

Best visit with tour ​

*Oxalis adventure tour * this tour is specialized for exploring caves very professional and you can choose the type of tour  do you want to explore or adventure best thing you can have night there wow 😍

Its once lifetime advanture ​

Go for it ​


Probably you will need 6 hours till get the cave 10 km through forest or high way 

troung son ​,, it is beautiful they even call it adan paradise this cave 5 -2 million old year they discover it on 2009 200 meters widths and 9 km length 
#​كهف # فيتنام ​

اكتشفوا احد المستكشفين للكهوف بريطانين اكبر و اجمل كهف بالعالم موجود في فيتنام موجود في هذا العنوان ​

Son trach bo trach district quang binh province ​

هذا الكهف في غابه كامله انهار شلالات واشجار حتى تستكشفه. تحتاج ٦ ساعات تقريبا حتى توصل لفتحة الكهف تقطع ١٠ كيلومترات في الغابه اولا على الطريق السريع ل troung son ​

ومن جماله يسمونه حديقة عدن عمر هذا الكهف ٢ الى ٥ مليون سنه واستكشف حديثا عام ٢٠٠٩ مساحته ٢٠٠ متر عرض بالنسبه لطول ٩ كيلومترات طبعا مغامره حلوه مع جروب في جروب oxalis adventure tour وهو متخصص للكهوف ممكن تنضمون لهم كمغامرين او مستكشفين و الاجمل انكم تقدرون تنامون ليله ويومين او حسب اشتراكم مع الجروب تحت الارض داخل الكهف 😍

What is the story behind this picture?!

This picture in Russia close to capital of Russia 500 km you can reach by train or by car 

These buildings actually temples of different religions for many of them most famous ones Christian church Muslims musque jewish temple and others religions from different world like china it’s surrounded by these words peace freedom brotherhood Solidarity .. and they didn’t made for practice prayers it’s only icon 

why this building built ? 

There is a man dreamt dream about Christ asking him to build a temple united all the religions he woke up on 6 clock snd start building the Christ project that’s was on 1992 and then lot of volunteers participating with him make it real and they where so devoted to it they even were sleep next to it to woke up early and most of time working on it and they thinking to add more temples of other religions to it who built this project or let’s say who had the dream died on 2012 
It’s on my bucket list what about you ?!

Where and when ?!

Where is this place ?! 

It’s in USA , Florida state it’s island with walls fort jefferson castle made of 16 million blocks they started this project still not finished 

This picture for japan but when which time of the year?! 

This picture taken in Tokyo the best time of the year to visit japan from march to may enjoy spring the weather and flowers blossom every where your breath taking away 

Where is this ? What is this ?! 

This is temple of hathor in Egypt in dendera Qena city what beautiful Architecture so much details , they used to open the high floor but they closed it on 2004 because lot of people they don’t watch their steps

Where is this place do you think?! 

It’s in Arabic country! It’s in Lebanon 

It’s called the 3 bridges caves there is water fall they think it’s one of oldest water fall in the world the water getting older it’s more better sure not the one in the bottle because there is some chemical addition this water it said 160 million years it’s in small village called balaa it is breathtaking you can see it from different angles you can take your lunch or breakfast there or making BBQ watch out when you want to go their by yourself the gps propably will not work at that area you have to ask people who lived in the village better to go with group 

Where you can find chocolate cafe contain 56 types of chocolate?! 

100% Chocolate cafe in japan in Tokyo in front of Tokyo square part of nihonbashi factory there is long line waiting for nice chocolate cup of coffee or chocolate food i is opening from 8 till 20 except Sunday and Saturday in weekend opening from 11-19 last order 19:39 

How To Run Away To An Affordable English-Speaking Paradise In The Caribbean

How To Run Away To An Affordable English-Speaking Paradise In The Caribbean

As the only English-speaking country in Central America, Belize has been attracting expats in the know from the UK, Canada, and the United States for decades.

But the fact that folks in these parts speak English is only the beginning of the long list of reasons to give this little country a close look…

Belize is reef, ruins, rivers, and rain forest… plus easy residency and tax-free living…

Learn more here.


own a house in a cruise 

We all know it’s nice experience and fun traveling via cruise but there is people not only enjoying this experience once or twice in their lifetime some people own houses on these cruises they consider it as their vacation house there is a cruise called the world it’s consider is the biggest cruise around the world biggest depends on the area and the quantity of countries visit every year 

House is not less than 300,000 sequers meter ,, this is the smallest space .. they sell studios this is the cheapest cost almost 1066610$

If you going to live their daily it’s not expensive if you want to live every day in different country but there is fees for maintenance taxes prices will be included almost 1333263$ 

This cruise just like other cruise and you can but your house for a rent but i think it’s not allowed for more than  6 days 

There is a family they bought a house in the cruise for 6 years then they sold it , they said they returned same a mount they paid for it when they bought it in first time , most of who bought houses there they only stayed for 3 months -6 months 

Because there is people they live in it there is courses lectures not only entertainment activities 

Who wants to buy houses there or thinking about or need more information about it check this site 

House on the world
here where you can live your life on sea by being owners to your house on ship and wake up every day with special views to own you need not less than 1m$ check the link

Hotel in Middle of Sea Underwater Room

Do you want to experience sleeping underwater room but too expensive to your budget?! In bomba island in Africa close to zanzibar tenzania .. the room is not fancy but good experience to do affordable including breakfast wifi and transportation from and to airport

فندق وسط البحر حابين تجربون النومه في غرفه تحت البحر بسعر انسب من اتلاتنس في جزيرة بومبا في افريقيا قريبه من تنزانيا زنجبار #zanzibar

الغرفه مو هذيك الفخامه بس تجربه حلوه بسعر مناسب الفندق افطار مجاني وانترنت ووسيلة نقل من و الى المطار

In Sweden the utter inn

Lake Malaren, Vasteras, Sweden

The hotel or the room is so simple and small and you sleep in middle of the lake not a sea it’s important to take with you something to eat because when you just arrive you will not be able to get out till next day when the boat arrives on the time you agree with them

For breakfast will be cooler ( eggs cheese cucumber tomato toast or bread bacon milk and juice) better to charge your phone full because there is no plugs or maybe transporated charger

It’s not for people who has closed indoors phobia .. i think it’s good for one night

The cheapest way to transport from capital to the city buy bus flygbussarna one hour and 20 minutes  cost 15$ then taxi to the lake unless you agreed with the hotel owner to take you from bus station

الفندق او الغرفة بسيطه جدا و صغيره والنوم يكون تحت الماء في البحيره مو بحر. مهم ان تاخذون معاكم اشياء تاكلونها لان لما توصلون للغرفه ماراح تقدرون تطلعون منها الا لما يرجع القارب اليوم الثاني على الموعد المتفق عليه

وبالنسبه للفطور راح يكون في براده تقريبا الفطور يحتوي على بيض وجبن و خيار طماط توست او خبر لحم خنزير وحليب و عصير

الافضل تشحنون اجهزتكم بشكل كامل قبل تروحون للغرفة لأن مافيها مقابس للشحن او يكون عندكم شاحن متنقل

ماتناسب الي عندهم فوبيا من الاماكن الضيقه المغلقه وانااشوف حلو تجربة ليله واحده فقط مو اكثر ….الوصول له بأوفر طريقه من العاصمه وحتى المدينه المتواجده فيها البخيره عن طريق الباص flygbussarna

ساعه و ٢٠ دقيقه حتى توصل للمدينه ب ٥٥ ريال لشخص الواحد وبعدها تكسي حتى توصل للبحيره الا اذا اتفقت مسبقا مع صاحب الفندق ان يستقبلك من عند محطة الباصات

Protofino Italy  مدينة بروتيفينو الأيطاليه 

Protofino In italy the city known by The quality of wine and sure the tasty fish the local are fishermen so not strange that they have best seafood restaurants this small city is historical city there is castle called castello brown and few of resorts famous people in summer full of yacht they spend their vacation there and they also transport by boats just like Venice you can travel to this city by

airplane they have airport 4 hours and half 84 $ from rome by train 10$ by airplane to geno city from this city to protofino by train 8$

or you can take train 6 hours and half from rome to rapello by train then by bus to santa margherita ligure then by bus again to protofino 62$ the whole trip transportation cost

For less expensive by bus 51$  will take from your time 7 hours 45 minutes italy is beautiful country full of wonderful city for me i would love to take train or by bus sure you will have lot of stories to talk and write about

منطقة #protofino منطقه تاريخيه في #ايطاليا و بعض المنتجعات وملاذ لعدد من المشاهير وهي قريه صغيره هادئه و وظيفة سكانها صيد السمك فتتميز مطاعمها بالسمك اللذيذ و فيها توصيل تاكسي بالقارب شبييه ب الفينيسيا و في مطار قريب منها للوصول لها وفيها قصر تاريخي اسمه castello brown طبعا في الصيف تتعبى باليخوت من الاثرياء و المشاهير وخصوصا انها منطقه مشهوره بجودة الخمر بالنسبه للاجانب

للانتقال لها بالمطار من روما الى مدينه geno ومن هذي المدينه بالباص الى هذي المنطقه بتكلفة اجماليه ٣١٢﷼ طيران ٤ ساعات ونصف

اذا تفضل القطار اقل تكلفه ٢٣٠ ريال  الوقت ٦ ساعات ونص من روما الى Rapallo بالقطار ومنها بالباص الى Santa margherita ومنها باص اخر الى هذي المدينه

Illuminateing Cave كهف مضيء

Illuminateing Caves in New Zeland on the north island waitomo village

 among many other caves you can roat the boat inside of it some of places inside it allowed to go in and take pictures 

Enternce time 9 am to 5 pm from april to October but in summer from 8:30-5:30 from November to march 

only 45 minutes you will spend it inside 

Tickets 50$ adult child 23$ from 4-14 under 4 is free family 124$ extra child ticket 16$

Better to book through online and before 2 days 

 Check their website they have many caves and activities too 

Waitomo Cave

كهف مضيء في الجزيره الشماليه  في نيوزلندا من مجموعة كهوف و تتجول بالكهف في قارب بعض الأماكن تصور فيها في في قرية waitomo توجد عدد من الكهوف وبداخلها نشاطات حجز اسعار نشاطات تختلف عن اسعار الدخول فقط مع القارب يفضل الحجز اون لاين وقبل مو اقل من يومين 

اسعار البالغين فوق سن ١٤ سنه ٥٠$ و اسعار الاطفال بين عمر ٤ الى ١٤  سعرهم ٢٣$ والاطفال اقل من ٤ سنوات مجانا  تذكره العائليه ١٢٤$ و طفل زياده ١٦$ 

رحلة القارب تمتد الى ٤٥ دقيقه فقط 

اوقات الدخول من ٩ الصباح الى ٥ المساء من ابريل الى اكتوبر ولازم يكون معك بطانيه وملابس ثقيله لانه شتاء ومن ٨:٣٠ الى ٥ في الصيف من نوفمبر الى مارس 

 كهف المضيء